Remember when God used to write on walls, lead groups of people by clouds and pillars of fire, speak through donkeys and burning bushes, turn rivers to blood and send top dog angels like Gabriel to tell people stuff? I don’t really remember either, but living life by the Holy Spirit is harder than the Israelites had it. Why did they have to whine so much? I would have loved to have had breakfast served every morning with wafers of manna on my back lawn! Whenever someone asks, “If you had to choose between a chef, personal trainer, or maid service for a month, which would you choose?” I ALWAYS CHOOSE CHEF!!! They even got dinner every night! Believe me, I’m not saying the Israelites had it easy, obviously they were led out of Egypt where they were slaves for many years, they were beaten, their sons killed…horrible, horrible things. But imagine…to be led by GOD OF THE UNIVERSE, ALMIGHTY GOD, DIVINE CREATOR, AWESOME GOD, personally, being given lands full of milk and honey, olive orchards and all that great stuff, led to it like a horse to water…and then whining about being scared of big guys that God already told them in advance He would let them beat…No, I don’t wish I were one of the Israelites for many reasons, but especially because I’m a whiner, too. I whine when I seek God and haven’t gotten either A: the answer I want or have mapped out clearly for God; or B: an answer as fast as I would like. We have a no whining policy at our house…we’ve always said to Em, “Whining isn’t a language, so I don’t understand what you are saying. Use your words or show Mommy/Daddy.” So, as I type this, God has already shown me that when I whine, He doesn’t have a translation for that since it’s not a language…I need to use my words or show Daddy…and then trust that His Divine Design for our lives is spectacular and splendid and mine is only sub-par…

Thanks for letting me process here…it’s already helped…



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  1. I like your “no whining policy,” Adrienne! I guess that is one good thing I got from the sisters who taught catechism when I was a kid. They told me He doesn’t hear whining, but he hears thanks and gratefulness, and only after we have offered Him that can we dare “ask” for things. And to not waste asking for frivolous things, like “please let me favorite team prevail,” or “can I win the lotto this week?” So if He doesn’t hear whining why should I hear it and act on it as well? It’s a good policy!

    I also think He can no longer show himself by writing on walls or clouds or burning bushes because in this day and age, people figure it’s movie tricks or the ‘ol false idol thing. Looking for His signs and words is much more subtile and may be only for those who are actually looking and open to seeing and hearing them.

    Of course I’m still haunted by the sisters telling me animals/pets have no souls! So not everything they said is something I could embrace!

  2. I agree, but wish I was there…..that is what I want more than anything is to TRUST, but don’t have any strength in me to be there…. I am spent and am trying with all I have to just be thankful and joyful in all I do know and have, but again….I just can’t at the moment….thanks for processing here. I came home and said needed something…let’s go see if Adrienne has posted anything new….and here you are.

  3. I’m glad you ‘process’ here, too…it helps me know that certain struggles I have are not unique to me…we’re all sharing this walk together.

    I wanted to let you know that I’m passing along a blog award to you. You can visit my blog to see it and pass it along if you wish…I’m not sure why my friend thought I deserved it, though! 🙂

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