Remember how a while back I said I had a couple of favors to ask? Well, here’s the other one…

The common thread here is that a little sweet guy named Noah has come into our lives. As our son, Em’s brother, as your friend’s little boy that died, as a grandson or nephew or cousin, a little boy, one of your patients, the son of a woman you’ve never met, but loved and prayed for anyway. And, my prayer in ever continuing this blog was to not only write about Noah and his impact on my life, but to encourage others to live more deeply, open to receiving the free gift of love and forgiveness that the Lord generously gives. Some are still here from the beginning, many have moved on, some just joining the journey…no matter how you came upon this blog, my favor of you, if you feel led to do so, is I am asking you for an email. I don’t just want any email, believe me, I am not that desperate, and I’m not seeking them to stroke my ego or because ANY of this is about me…it’s not! It has always been about the Lord and will remain so.

So, as part of Noah’s book, I have felt strongly about including a section of stories from your lives, those impacted by a sweet little boy, hopefully drawn closer to the very God of the Universe who loves you and knows your name. Your stories are all different…some of you have already emailed me and many of those I have saved for this very purpose…to be an important part of Noah’s book. And, if I’ve saved your email and you happen to write again, I’ll try to choose one, but part of the beauty in this whole tragedy has been your stories…kind of the ‘pay it forward’ part of someones life…the part that lives forever…the eternal part.

The amount of emails I receive will determine how many I can realistically include in the book. And, if you do write an email, please either try to keep it brief or know that I will be editing them in order to include as many as possible. The catch is I will need these by midnight on March 31st. Any email or blog post received after that will roll over into a second book I am working on that will be in devotional format.

I understand that many of you appreciate your ability and right to remain “ANONYMOUS” and I respect that. If that is the case with you, please feel free to simply post your reply on this post, skipping the email. Or, if you want to email me but remain “ANONYMOUS” in the book, simply state that at the bottom of your email or indicate that I do not have the right to use your name in the book.

FYI, I will use your first name and last initial in the book under the letter you submit, unless permission is given, and WOULD LOVE TO INCLUDE YOUR CITY, STATE, OR COUNTRY, if you so desire. Part of the beauty, again, of this story is that Noah’s blog hit every continent, including Antarctica, the day before he died, and I love geography, so that part is just a bonus:). I love to see how God allows us to know that we aren’t just 1 in 6 billion but are part of a big family!

Here’s my email: Thank you in advance!



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  1. Hi Adriene, I stumbled upon your blog quite some time ago…I had not been aware of the dangers of lyme disease…anyway, I was surprised to see a commercial just now that they are doing a feature story on our local news tonight about it. I thought that was great, since you were saying how taboo it is to speak about. Praying for you guys…the news channel is if you are interested at all.

  2. Working on my e-mail – it is just too hard to put into words, as my children and I have followed you since the beginning, they KNOW, they have SEEN your struggle, but I want to BE ABLE to put those kids’ views into WORDS FOR NOAH . . . so, it is still in the works.

    BTW, Adrienne, I want to THANK YOU for words that you spoke to me back when I mentioned my rape and Obama in the same response (I THANK YOU).

    I have yet to OPEN UP to anyone other than YOU (EVER, for this is still a “ghost” in my life (and family)), but your HEARTFELT response allowed me to cry tears that I had left behind, years ago.

    Then I thought about my oldest daughter, who has just turned eleven, I wish that I could go back – to right wrongs and set myself on the healing path, vs. the . . . well, let’s just say, the wrong path. I just want to do what is best by, and for, my children. Although I took the ‘wrong’ path, I now know to take the ‘higher road’ . . .

  3. Hi Adrienne!
    I just saw this request and will be sending an e-mail before the deadline. I’d love to share the impact Noah has had on my life; the impact his awesome mom has had, too.

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