This is a picture of our dear friends, the Goodmans. These are the first friends we met here in Denver by divine intervention, a story for another time, but Libby, the cutie on the left is Em’s best friend. Becky and Jason are two of our dearest friends, people who would AND HAVE done anything for us (she’s the former ICU nurse that stayed with Noah, along with her Jason, at the hospital so that my Jason and I could go to my best friend Molly’s wedding in November). ANYWAY, HE IS OKAY, BUT, while mountain biking today with two other friends of his, he fell, cracked his helmet and broke ribs, bruised his lung and broke (or cracked) the 5th vertebrae in his back. They were due back home at 5pm and after they were late, the wives of the 3 guys started searching. I don’t know all the details yet, but I do know his friends did not move him but other bikers on the trail sought help and he was lifted via ‘Flight for Life’ to a hospital up in Denver where Becky is talking with docs.

Becky said that if you’re going to break a vertebrae, the 5th is a good one to break. This incident comes just days after they received word that by the end of the year, they’ll be to China and back to welcome their sweet new son into their family. Please pray how the Holy Spirit leads you. Thanks.



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