“But I will trust in your unfailing love;
my heart rejoices in your salvation.
I will sing to the Lord,
for he has been good to me.”
Psalm 13:5&6

I did a word search on ‘unfailing’ and it led to the following list:

  • inexhaustible
  • everlasting
  • constant
  • unending
  • infallible
  • sure
  • enduring
  • indefinite
  • incapable of error
  • certain
  • trustworthy
  • tireless
  • unrelenting
  • incapable of being used up, wearied or worn out
  • indisputable
  • dependable
  • lasting
  • not yielding in determination
  • not weakening in vigor or pace
  • firm steadfast resolution or faithfulness
  • loyal

This is the kind of love God has for us.

Verses one through four of Psalm 13 are not warm and fuzzy. It’s a crying out from David’s heart that summed up my entire being this time last year. Even when we are living life on earth where trials and hardships and gut wrenching scenarios play out second by second, God’s love is still unfailing. It’s difficult to comprehend. People ask the question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” all the time. It’s called post-Garden life but it does not change God’s love for us.

In college I read “Bruchko”, an account about a 19 year old missionary named Bruce Olson who went to share God’s love with an unreached people group deep in the jungle of South America. He did not know their language but did observe that their lives and dwellings depended on the trees. They slept in hammocks up off the ground that were anchored into the sturdy trees. He finally made the analogy of God being the sturdy tree and the hammocks representing the people’s lives. The tribe had to tie their hammocks into the trees.

In light of the hammock story and Psalm 13, I had spent many years wanting God to do my will. I wanted Him to bless me and my ideas. I wanted the Tree to tie into my hammock. I had plans that seemed good to my thinking and limited world view. But as I have tied my hammock into God’s unfailing love, daily I am able to see His will and get glimpses of His design. No, I don’t see the whole picture. That’s not my job. But, the one absolute I do know is God’s love is unfailing when everything is smooth as silk and when it’s rougher than a category 5 hurricane. He does not lie, so I trust Him.

God’s love for you is unfailing.



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  1. Thank you for posting just what I needed to hear! You are full of wisdom girl! Hope you are having a wonderful fall day! :~)


  2. I just wanted to tell you that you posted just what I needed to “hear” today. Thank you. You have spoken to my heart through your posts often, especially today.

  3. Adrienne, thank you so much for your words today. It was even more encouragement to the words GOD has already taken me to this morning. I read October’s 1st -4th in “My Utmost For His Highest” and am gonna post some of those words myself. Plus, are staff devotions this morning was about GOD’s ‘everlasting’ love for us.

    Plus, one of my students went to Psalm 150, shared………and we have been PRAISING HIM all morning.

    Again, thank you more than you know for these words today.

  4. I kind of want to find my copy of Bruchko (that I got after a 1996 Teen Mania trip to Botswana), blow the dust off of it, and re-read it. That book rocked my world the first time around… and I have a feeling it would do the same today, and tomorrow…and next year!

    I loved your word search for unfailing.

  5. Thank You! Everlasting…ya. Wow that is powerful! We hear the word everlasting all the time, or just say it so easily… to hear those other words really helps sink in the real meaning and full amount of LOVE that really is… (or at least begin to try to.) mmm GOD IS GREAT!

  6. Thank you for this, Adrienne.

    I, too, have come out of a long period in my life where I was looking for God to bless my plans and ideas. When something I couldn’t control came my way, I finally began that walk toward trusting in God’s unfailing love. Oh, how I want to see the whole picture, but then trust wouldn’t be needed. God’s unfailing love is for my family, my marriage, and each of us as individuals. I have to remember that every day.

    Praying for you and Jason, Debbie Woolsey

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