Growing up in Arizona, we would take weekend trips to Mexico, either to the border to do a little shopping for my dad’s building business and to eat great food, or a little further south to a place called Puerto Peñasco, or Rocky Point. It’s there I fell in love with garlic shrimp and beach spelunking.

I also just fell in love with Mexico. I fell in love with the culture, the people, the language, the architecture, the color, landscape, lifestyle, and warm sun. I don’t have a favorite part…from coast to coast and border to border, I love Mexico and her people.

There’s a secret beach near the border of Belize where you may find me if, one day, you can’t find me…

Every time I’m there, all my Spanish comes back…8 years of studying under two great women whose love for the language and latin cultures infected me…it’s the very best part…because that means I can read the signs, talk with the people, learn their stories in their language, and even translate so others can join in.


And right now, my heart is heavy for the people of Mexico. They are a hard-working, humble-hearted people, generous and devout and gracious. And they will get through this storm, they will rise above it, but right now they are in the thick of it and need our love and prayers.

So, thankfully you don’t have to know how to speak Spanish in order to pray for these beautiful people…God’s fluent…and can translate. But please do pray. This storm is almost twice as large as Katrina, to help American’s put it into perspective. They don’t, and won’t, need our politics. They’ll just need our love and empathy…

(photo credit: pixabay users/Bayscholar & Pawiis09)


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