“I love Jesus. I love writing. I love people.” – Micah J. Murray



(photo: Micah J. Murray’s “Clumsy Bloggers’ Workshop”)


Yesterday I got to meet Micah. Micah hosts a priceless course on-line called, “Clumsy Bloggers Workshop” and I happen to be taking it, you know, to learn how to actually blog after all these years. (click on the picture above to learn more.) My family and I went to the Twin Cities over the weekend to see family while I had a few meetings. I emailed ahead to see if we could set up a time when he could “show me” blog stuff (I’m a visual/kinetic learner) and I could pick his brain a little. It ended up being my whole crew along for the lesson, as well as eating some great tacos from a shop down on Central, and his boys and my little guy striking up friendship over silly string and Legos.

Part of the course includes a private Facebook page where the rest of the gang enrolled in the workshop can bounce ideas off one another, ask questions, cheer one another on, and let off steam and drop occasional curses…it’s so liberating! It’s become a space I love “going to” everyday to read and be inspired and challenged in this THING I love so much…and hate all at once: writing. To be honest with you, I thought I was just signing up to learn blogging stuff, but the course and community and the act of writing again has brought about more of a personal renaissance…and that was unexpected.

You guys, I want to tell you a few things I learned about Micah J. Murray…he loves Jesus. He loves writing and sharing the art with others. And he really loves people…specifically, you guys, he said he loves his “Clumsy Bloggers.” How special are we?! He enjoys helping us find our words and voices. And it’s inspiring to see all the bloggers in our group that are finding their mojo because Micah is doing what he loves and is good at…reminds me of Victor Frankel’s, “Man’s Search for Meaning,” that I read this summer.

I wanted to encourage you all that Micah’s the real deal. It’s difficult to tell sometimes on social media if a person is authentic in what they portray for others to perceive. Not so with him…he is legit, no doubt. He’s not only a smarty in all things blogging, like mind-blowing brainiac-ish, but he’s also got heart that backs his work…and wears it on his sleeve, literally…ask him to blog about his newest ink based on one of his motto’s, “Love Trumps Fear.” It’s pretty cool.

So, press on, keep writing, and if you are a person who has considered taking up blogging or setting up your own website, Micah is a real live person cheering who will cheer you on. And in the on-line world, this just TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY MATTERS.

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