…how do you play?

For the most part, whenever Jason goes out of town, I get a ‘bee in my bonnet’, as my friend Rachel calls it, and I decide to do something out of the ordinary to surprise him…

Well, last week while Jason was gone for 24 hours, this happened:
Me: “Hey Em, let’s surprise Daddy!”
Em: “Okay, do you want to make cookies?”
Me: “No, let’s paint the house, or something…”
Em: “Okay!”

We headed to the store for some paint…
…but then I thought it would be fun to re-plaster the family room wall. I’m not a big fan of the standard texture they put on walls these days.
So, I did this…
And, once it dried, I did this
And, eventually had to fill it in with ‘Old Violin’ by Ralph Lauren…
So, a week later, here’s the final project. When I pulled the tape off the walls, some plaster and paint came with it, so I have to do some touch up, but otherwise, I love it. Jason wasn’t as keen on the texture initially, but now he likes it.
The kitchen was actually my first project. I was dreading it because the cabinets are really tall so there is about a foot of wall above them to tape, caulk and paint. It, along with the plaster, was what was finished when Jason walked in the door from his trip.
The nook ‘before’

Here’s the ‘after’ color…it’s a Martha Stewart color called Birdhouse MS331 by Valspar
It’s darker than this shows…
Jason really loved the kitchen, so it made the power 24-hour makeover worth it!
Slowly, but surely, I am painting the house. Once I muster more ‘umph’, I’ll finish the family room and work on the hallways, but that may not happen for a long, long, l o n g time…
I love to surprise Jason because it’s fun to see his responses. He’s a very even keel kind of guy, so trying to get any kind of reaction is fun. I know I probably make him crazy by being so ‘fly by the seat of my pants’, but, hey, life’s short, I’m random, and quite frankly, I know no other way.
So, when your ‘Cat’ is away, how do you play?



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  1. This post made me laugh because I do big things like that too when Sam is away! I love surprising him too!

    Your home is just beautiful Ade, It looks so warm 🙂

    Sam and I are in the process of building our first home! Yay! I am so excited. 6 months to go and we will be in. I can’t wait to paint it!

    Loved your post!

  2. Ade- Did you Skip Trowel the Family Room??? There are 2 walls in our family room that I an dying to tackle with skip trowel, but I am terrified to do it. If that is how you did it, how was it???
    I LOVE the color..it looks just about the color I am looking to do in our family room as well. It looks fantastic, and how appropriate it the “Stellan” written on the wall =) What a miracle God is continuing to perform right before all of our very eyes.
    Anyway, if you get a chance to answer the questions that is great..and if not, no big deal =)

  3. Wonderful job, and that blue is BEAUTIFUL!! I’m a furniture rearranger or new bedding buyer. My husband, a soldier, always comes home from deployment to a practically new house, poor guy. And he still loves me.

    And by the way, we love Stellan, too! 🙂

    Have a fantastic day!

  4. I also paint when my hubby is gone, there is nothing like painting a room and seeing the difference that it makes-so cozy and homey! And, I am with you, it is nice to see the reaction when my hubby comes home-
    Have fun!
    ~beth in brighton

  5. Amy, I wouldn’t say I offically ‘skip troweled’…It was more like I smeared on a lot of plaster and spread it around like frosting on a cake. Really no rhyme or reason, just ridding the fireplace wall of the basic ‘knock down’ texture, that really isn’t that bad. But, the 50 lb box of joint compound only cost around $6.00, so it was a fun, cheap project.

  6. I love how it turned out!!!! The cat in our house isn’t away very often but when he is I love to paint or organize or something to make a huge diff. in the house!!! Love it!!!

  7. Ade, you rock! love the colors, cant wait to see it! the bee in my bonnet is that I havent been over to see it yet…Rach

  8. Ade,

    Marilyn & I had an agreement: she could do anything she wanted to any part of the house, garage, or grounds, except the bedroom. And she agreed with a joyful heart. The reason for ruling out the bedroom was very practical: getting up in the middle of the night to pee without my glasses and without turning on a light and waking her and walking into what used to be the hallway to the bathroom but now was a wall could have had embarrassing consequences. Marriage is a joyful blending of talents, personalities, practical needs, and love.

    You and Jason are well on your way, and I commend you – as I pray for you each day.



  9. Adrienne- Thanks so much for letting me know! It was cheap!! (well, minus the cost of paint..) I think it would behoove me to try out the plaster on a small wall first, before I go trying to perform miracles of my own, on my living room wall!!!!

    One last thing…what did you use to spread it?!? (and I hope you don’t say a spatula or pastry spreader, LOL!!!)

    Thanks again!

  10. I just wanted to respond to your post about trying to find a councelor. One of the frustrations of losing a loved one, especially a child is that alot of well-meaning people make us think that there should be a timeline to “get over it” You may need someone to talk to who can really understand how it is to loose a child. From what I have read in your blog you are doing some very productive activities. You seem to be able to enjoy life and your family. You just miss your baby. Why shouldn’t you miss him, he was worth being missed. We lost our 4th child 13 years ago. We did get pregnant soon after and had a baby 14 months later. She did not replace our precious little boy who died, but it certainly helped. I found myself feeling guilty about loving the new baby because it felt like I wasn’t being loyal to my little boy, but I also treasure my children because I now know that it is not guarenteed that we get to keep our children. What you and your family have gone through is very difficult and you have done it with such grace and all to the glory of God. You have been an inspiration to so many.

  11. Adrienne,
    I am the “cat who is always away”…but before my family got out here, I was not nearly as ambitious as you. In fact, I hired someone to help me unpack! But, I guess that’s because I work and travel (for work) too much!
    It’s been so, so long since I’ve been on your blog. It’s good to read your musings and your rants. I love how you are so REAL. And I hate what you have to be real about. Praying for you still…

  12. Love your colors! I think it’s great that you tackle such ambitious projects on your own. My husband would be happy…i usually include him in all of my home improvements. Thanks for sharing. I truly enjoy your inspirational blog.


  13. Unfortunately when my ‘cat’s’ away, I have two little ones to keep from ‘playing’ in their own ways!!

    LOVE your Stellan painting – I’ve been following MckMama as well and I am amazed at all the different ways people spell Stellan! What a great God we serve.

  14. Hey Ade,

    This is just in reply to your comment on my blog. Thank you for your prayers for my week. My Tuesday was so full of hope that I wrote about it on my blog. I have sent you an email telling you about my new idea and I have written in my latest post “Tuesday’s Hope” where the idea came from. If you get a spare moment please come over to read it:)

    Love you 🙂

    Carly x

    P.s Give Emily a hug from Scarlett 🙂

  15. Mine doesn’t stray away to often, but if he does, I tend to clean or eat cereal and eggs for breakfast with the kids! The colors and decor are awesome!

  16. It turned out great! I have almost that exact same blue in my kitchen. We painted it right before we moved in last November and I think I love it more after living with it for 9 months than when I painted it…and I really liked it then. I think it is cheerful and vibrant, but also really calming. I think it would be so fun to surprise my hubby with a painted room while he was out of town, but he likes to decorate with me and help choose things, so I don’t think that is likely to happen. 🙂

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