They say the 7th year is the year of Jubilee.  A year where debts are cancelled and everyone knows and breathes freedom.  A season of celebration.

It’s been 7 years since our son Noah passed away.  God has already shown Jason and me how this year is going to be profound and special, though we don’t know all, or any, of the details.

We are almost out of debt, thank you Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University, so that is one part of our personal jubilee.  Financial Peace University should be a required AMERICAN course, WOVEN INTO OUR EDUCATION, and then maybe a refresher course senior year of high school before the next phase of life.  We were late to the game, but thankfully we’ve been able to pay down debt quickly.  (side note…)

This almost debt-less-ness is good news in light of what happened two weeks ago.  You see, debts are usually paid off with money, at least monetary debts.  And in most cases, money comes from an income, ie, a job or selling of wares.  Well, I don’t make any money, don’t take a salary as the President of Bevy, and no longer take the proceeds from my jewelry business for personal use, those all now go to Bevy, too.  So, all this to say, during this season of our lives, Jason’s income covers our daily living.

But God is in charge of the banks of the world…and He is our Provider.

So when Jason’s entire department was eliminated at work 2 weeks ago, (his last day being 3/15 unless another position opens up within the organization, new president did some re-organizing, and, unfortunately, his position was part of the re-org, though he is welcome to re-apply within for another position), we were more than puzzled for a few days.

We both went through every emotion, because we walk together in this.  Grief.  Shock.  Disbelief.  Rejection.  Confusion.  Anticipation.  Excitement.  Dreaming.  The thrill of the unknown, and the anxiety and HOLY COW-ness of stepping out onto the water and trusting God without the comfort of false stability, but with faith in a humongous God.

As a family we have been praying and dreaming.  We’ve sat around the table, asking Emily and even Ryan (3), what their dreams are for our family, brainstorming together possibilities of “What if?” and “If we could go anywhere…” and “What is God telling us to do?” and “What have you always wanted to do?” and so much more.  And then putting it all, even our desires and deepest wishes, all the ideas, every dream, at God’s feet, and trusting Him with the sorting out and sifting of the details.  Em and I were ready to sell everything and just start traveling around the world, sharing God’s love…

When a harvester brings the grain to the threshing floor, it’s during a certain season and at a specific time of day when the wind blows.  The harvester stabs the mound of grain with a pitchfork and lifts it into the air as the wind comes up, allowing the chaff to blow away and the grain to fall back at the thresher’s feet, ready for use.

Trusting God as He sifts our lives...

Trusting God as He sifts our lives. Photo: bibleplaces

The direction for our lives is currently up in the air, chaff and grain and dreams and all, but not haphazardly.  We trust God with the big picture…

Moving to Switzerland, Thailand, Australia, or London, for non-profit or NGO work, staying here, working from home so we can have more family time, selling our house, taking people on exposure trips, traveling the country in a motor home, living near family, homeschooling, circuit preaching/preaching revival, writing a book, pastoring and mentoring, getting certified in Holy Yoga, walking alongside Emily as she launches Bevy Kids, downsizing, going to Israel for peace talks with women of other faiths, buying land to build a family camp where we can host Bevy retreats and have chickens and a horse, sneaking off to a warm, warm secluded beach in Mexico or Costa Rica, connecting with other non-profits for Kingdom work, travel for fun, and so much more.

All of these are things we’ve placed at God’s feet, and we’re willing to do what He wants and go where He says.

So, yeah, we are asking for your prayers.  He has already done some very specific answering over the past weekend, including the cancellation of one of our debts by an anonymous donor!!!  But much is still up in the air.  We aren’t praying that it’s easy, because easy isn’t best, or even vaguely interesting.  We are praying we land at His feet and are put to use, where the way we are wired and gifted brings glory to Him.

Thanks, in advance, for praying us through this harvesting season and into this year of Jubilee!

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  1. Praying for you friend! God is obviously opening up some major doors for you and your family. Can’t wait to see what they are. I love your words. You inspire SO many!! MWAH!!!

    • Thanks, friend! For the prayers, your love, and for the constant support and cheering! God’s opening doors, but not just to us! He’s doing something…but you knew that!!! xoxox

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