Hi there! I’m Adrienne.

I believe when we lean into our pain we can find healing and love in this one eclectic life.

I didn’t always, though. For too long I tried to follow man’s rules, fit into the systems, avoid pain, and please all the people. It was exhausting and a colossal waste of time!

After the death of our son, I started on an uncharted path to personal freedom…free of the controlling patriarchal narratives that never quite fit me.

I lived in the ironic tension of both/and, not either/or…leaning into unimaginable grief as a bereaved parent, while still having the utter joy and awe of parenting our daughter and watching her beautiful life unfold.

As a theologian, I used to think I had A LOT of the answers…now I’m at peace to hold space for wonder and mystery and these few words, “I don’t know…and I’m okay with not knowing.”

Born to a custom home builder and an artist/designer, my life unfolded across sixteen moves by the time I was 18 years old. Each relocation, though disruptive, enriched my perspective. The perpetual transitions challenged me to build quick friendships and a “go deep or go home” approach to life. Through schooling, 30+ years of marriage, parenting, and profound loss, my commitment to a meaningful life has only deepened. Now, my focus is on making the world more beautiful through connection and healing.

Much of my journey involves my walk with God, relationships, and a deep delve into existentialism. What I have found is the less stubborn I am about certainty, the bigger and more beautiful God’s LOVE has become.

I am a trained theologian who believed the world was one that needed saving. Now I know it just needed me to show up in love, without an agenda. I spent several years in leadership development in Higher Ed, missions, team building within church and para-church ministry settings, and working in the non-profit sector. After the death of our son I stumbled onto blogging, hosted a radio show for people to connect through candid story sharing, started a non-profit, and launched a women’s ministry.

But one of the many things grief taught me was to be present, so I decided to hang it all up to be intentional with our daughter and second son, savoring the opportunity to witness their growth.

Today I combine my experience as a builder’s kid and many years inside and outside the Church walls, listening and assisting others who are wrestling with big life questions, exploring their evolving beliefs, and getting curious around what a life of extravagant LOVE and healing could actually look like, even amidst sorrow and pain. Whether you call it “deconstruction,” a mid-life crisis, a dark night of the soul, or something else entirely, I see you. You are amazing and you are not alone! It’s an honor to show up for people who are holding the tension between the both/and’s in life. It’s in that tension we find peace.

I’m glad you are here and I look forward to getting to know you on the road ahead.