Designing a life you value requires reflection, vision, and intention…

…and a healthy dose of love and self-care. Society’s systems or family expectations can wear on us and aren’t part of our divine design.

Time, pivotal life events like grief and loss, and changing beliefs can make you either shrivel up or decide to reevaluate and get curious about ALL THE THINGS, like…

What is true? 
What do I value?
What makes me come alive?

Getting curious around these biggies can set us on the path to freedom.

What we’ll do together…

As a coaching consultant, I’ll help you rediscover what’s true about you so you can live out the rest of your life with confidence, love, and peace of mind.


Life doesn’t always go the way we plan but coaching provides tools to help you strategize and shift, equipping you for a beautiful journey.


Grief and loss are painful parts of life. We’ll hold space for these truths while helping you make peace with pain as you embrace life once again.


There is no magic pill for healing…no quick fix or 30-minute sitcom, but a journey of curiosity and wonder, time, self-care and love.


We’ll get clear on your values and design a blueprint for living, focusing on your strengths, what you love, and how you show up in the world.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what clients say:

I was referred to Adrienne for grief coaching after my dad died. As a grown person it was disorienting to know how to face a fear I had avoided my whole life. Not only have I made peace with death, but I have more joy and direction in life. I always leave our sessions feeling seen and encouraged.


Deconstructing my belief system was really lonely and isolating until I met up with Adrienne and learned, one, that I wasn’t alone, and two, there are safe places to ask the big questions. Her background in theology and ministry was helpful for me because I suffered from a lot of church trauma.


I sought out grief coaching with Adrienne after I had spent years in traditional counseling. Therapy was amazing and healing, but coaching helped me move into action. It’s interactive and I felt equipped to take steps after loss that honored my loved ones, but ultimately empowered me. 


Design the life you want to live in!

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Remembering you're still alive might be the most beautiful memorial you could ever offer after the loss of a loved one.

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