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I wish we could sit together to share our stories. I’ve learned over years of writing online how tone of voice and heart intention can sometimes be lost in written word. If something resonates with you, awesome! I hope it encourages you and inspires you to live with authenticity! If I’ve offended you, it’s likely I didn’t mean to, but by all means, with kindness, feel free to email and ask me about it.

Let’s communicate and build bridges rather than join the painful banter which sometimes takes place on the Internet. Trolling, offensive, and hateful comments will be deleted.


If you and your group are looking for a speaker or retreat leader with a bent towards authenticity and keeping it real, I’d love to be part of it. Shoot me an email and we can talk details.

Where to find me online:

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Learn more about my non-profit organization and my passion for women’s stories, raising up the next generation of world leaders here!

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