I’ve been writing stories since elementary school. I took time off in later years to regurgitate papers and homework assignments in school, but then one day in 2006 I began writing again…writing my guts out, putting on paper, or screen, things I thought too raw, real, and ugly for God and others to read, but it’s there I lost and found life again.

What will you find here?

You’ll find stories…lots of stories.

You’ll find personal stories from my perspective, as well as featured stories of people who graciously allow me to share with you.

You’ll find head-on collisions where faith, theology, society, religion, science, and actual practice clash into even more questions.

You’ll find snippets of my journey of faith as a Christ-follower and my wonder and wrestlings with God…well, actually notsomuch with Him as much as my candid questions and pushing back against organized religion and the systems of man.

I’m a middle-child peacemaker, so you’ll for sure find stories on love, peace, perspective, and practicing the art of empathy.

Gathering people to share their stories is one of my favorite things. I believe as we share our stories, not the fancy, cleaned up ones, but the right in the thick of it, hard to swallow, still unfolding, beautiful ones, we get to know God the way He desires to be known, through mankind, His kingdom come, just as we were made aware through the person of Christ.

Some introductions…

Jason is the most handsome man in my whole world. He drives me bat crazy sometimes with his few words (quiet, contemplative, wise type) and I know I make him nuts with my endless dreams and rabbit trails, but it works for us. We met in college on Halloween night. He was smitten right away…Did I mention he is smart, too? Jason works with partnering countries throughout the world, impacting communities through the relief work of World Vision International. I’m really proud of him.
20+ years with this guy! (Photo: Jessica Quadra, Barcelona, Spain)

23+ years with this guy! We are each other’s biggest fans. (Photo: Jessica Quadra, Barcelona, Spain)

Jason and I do life here on earth with two fabulous kids, Emily and Ryan. We also had a son named Noah, for which this blog was once named, who died on January 12th, 2007. To say his life and death impacted my own would be a gross understatement. Being a parent wasn’t really on my bucket list, but then I met them one by one and fell madly in love.


Emily loves people, school, bacon, French, the ocean, laughter, her dog, and football.


Ryan loves life untethered, carbs, and dinosaurs. He is the world’s youngest paleontologist.

My mom philosophy isn’t to simply raise good citizens with impeccable manners who will contribute to society as a whole, but for our kids to know God is good and totally in love with them, along with the other 7 billion people on this earth who He created in His image. Our desire is for them to walk with compassion and empathy in the gifts and strengths God created them with to spread His unconditional love to a hurting world.


A few more things…

  • Time is my love language.
  • Peacemaking is my calling.
  • Friendship is sacred.
  • I LOVE and make it my mission to talk to strangers every. single. day.
  • I’m a licensed marriage officiant and LOVE celebrating love and marriage.
  • Next to stories, traveling is my favorite because I get to learn the stories of the people I am able to meet.
  • God created me to write, so I’m exercising that muscle more and more these days.
  • For fun, I write reviews for Trip Advisor.
  • I actually like vegetables and believe in holistic health.
  • U2 and I have had a thing going on since 1984.

On these pages you’ll find my heart and random thoughts. They aren’t meant to be a judgment of you and how you do this life but more of an outlet for me and hopefully a place where you are encouraged, too. Writing is one of the ways I breathe and communicate with God…if I don’t write my guts out here and there, my mind gets a little constipated and that’s just not good for anyone.

Seriously, thank you for being here…



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