Hi. I’m Adrienne and I love stories.

…lots of stories.

I love God, stories, and people. As we share our stories, not only the fancy, cleaned up ones, but the messy, hard to swallow, still unfolding ones, we find healing and love.

I also love PEACE:

Practicing Empathy Authentically through Compassion and Extravagant love.

In this big world God created, it’s beautiful to be reminded we are not alone. The stories you’ll find here are an open invitation for you to pull up a chair and experience the camaraderie of belonging, empathy, and healing. As we candidly share our stories, we discover we have more in common than we previously assumed. We’ve all been created by a beautifully multi-faceted God. My intention in sharing our stories is to experience God’s true love for us, making peace with Him, ourselves, and others.

Gathering people to share their stories is one of my favorite things. Having you here is the next best thing to meeting around the table. You are welcome here. I’d love to hear your story.




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