We all have a story.

Gathering people to share their stories is one of my favorite things.

You are welcome here. You are invited. There’s room for you at my table.

I’d love to hear your story.

I love God, humans, theology, social advocacy, word-smithing, gathering women, nature, stories, veggies, Pilates, world travel, speaking Spanish, snuggling with my kids, meaningful conversations, secret getaways with my husband, talking to strangers, the music of U2, yoga, jeans, flip flops, muscles, natural medicine, helping others discover how amazing they are, throwing spontaneous parties, dancing, remodeling, sunsets, changing seasons, climbing trees, hammocks, and wandering around the world’s biggest cities without a map…to name a few!

As a writer, speaker, and peacemaker, I invite others to candidly explore fresh perspectives relating to God and humanity by sharing personal stories in an honest, authentic, and intentional way.

We had a little boy named Noah who passed away in 2007. His life and death continue to transform my perspective on what matters, and what just doesn’t. At the end of the day, we aren’t the labels we’ve placed upon ourselves or “others”…we are all loved and handmade in the image of God. It’s through this lens I write, and relate to people.

We recently moved from beautiful Colorado to creative Nashville to hone my writing skills as an author to share my story. I’m writing an existential memoir about growing up in America’s ever-changing Christianity and how I walked away from it in order to re-discover God’s extravagant love.

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