Bevy, also known as “Bevy Girls”, is a non-profit I started with some girlfriends of mine to celebrate the gift of friendship!  Here’s a little more info:
“Bevy” means “a large group, especially of girls.”  Bevy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization centered around a passion to see women live life to the fullest, the way we were created to live.  We believe each of us has a story and in sharing our stories with authenticity, we will undoubtedly encourage other women on this journey called life.

Bevy celebrates the unique gifts and strengths in women by building bridges, discovering and celebrating our unique differences, rather than being trapped in comparison or competition. We believe working together is what will change the world.

And we don’t want to miss out on doing just that…even in our small circles of life.

What Bevy looks like in the day to day:  First we must be authentic with God and ourselves.  Second, we weren’t designed to do life alone, so meeting regularly with a core group of women, or bevy of girls, is at the heart of the Bevy mission.  Finally, as a bevy, collaborate your gifts and reach out to those in need around you.   This will look different in every community, but that’s the beauty of collaboration.

It’s that simple.

Our desire is to connect with women all over the world who are willing to share their stories and experiences.  Over at the Bevy Blog, we’ll cover an array of topics, interviews, and even the difficult conversations with hope to engage the healing process and encourage women to live life more fully.

*If you and your friends are interested in starting a Bevy group in your community, or just want to learn more, shoot us an email at  We’d love to help get you started!

You can also find Bevy on Twitter: @BevyGirls and on our Facebook page


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