“The Graveswolds” 

“The Graveswold’s” is, of course, adapted from that true-to-life movie family from the 80’s, the Clark W. Griswold’s, and their wacky family vacations.

Our philosophy is “home” is where the four of us are, so the last couple of years we’ve been “houseless” spending the majority of our time in Colorado and South Dakota with family and friends, while taking trips with Jason and the work he does internationally. We’ve been able to explore some pretty neat places together around the USA and the world.

In August of 2016 we landed in Nashville, TN. The creativity of the city drew us there and with each new day we are watching the reasons we moved to this city unfold. Our kids were generously given the opportunity to attend a great little school, Jason works from home so we get lunch dates once in a while, and I’m collaborating with some amazing people to creatively provide outlets for women to share their stories authentically.


“Lone Viajera”

“Viajera” means traveller in Spanish, my second language, so “Lone Viajera” is my Spanish-ish version of solo traveler. I love traveling and seeing the world, so this is my outlet for personal reflection on my journeys. Sometimes we set out as a family, other times Jason and I take off on a little getaway, and then there are days I go out solo for the work I do gathering women’s stories.

Everybody needs a little solo time…

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