Who am I?

Why am I here?

What am I supposed to be doing with my life?

Do you find yourself circling back to these questions?

We’re all writing our stories as we go. There’s no specific user manual for how to do life on earth. 
TRUEPRINT courses offer you authentic tools to dream, design, and build the story you were created to live.

TRUEPRINT courses are designed to help you live the story for which you were created.

Authentic Content

TRUEPRINT offers lifestyle curriculum intentionally designed to dig deep, get real, and do the work for the life you were created to live.

Essential Tools

At some point, we're responsible for our choices and how we'll live out our lives. TRUEPRINT offers empowering tools to put your strengths and gifts into practice.

Blueprints for Living

Houses aren't built without blueprints, and lives aren't meant to be lived without vision. TRUEPRINT helps you reclaim, and strategize, the original vision for your life.

TRUEPRINT Core Lessons


"Adrienne is thoughtful, articulate and inspiring. Her writing challenges me to center myself on my beliefs and give glory and praise to God with a thankful heart even in situations that bring tears."

Kelly K.

“As a Wife, Mom, Sister, Daughter, Children’s Pastor, Life Coach, and Child Advocate, I wear a lot of hats and love a lot of people. Adrienne’s authenticity reminds me that I’m not alone in navigating this sometimes messy but beautiful life. Her writing eloquently puts words to so many emotions of my struggling heart, and encourages me to keep doing the hard work on myself so that I can continue to love and serve the people that God has placed in my care.”

Shelley M.

"I love how Adrienne is super transparent with all of her messages!"

Kevin B.
Business owner

“Reading Adrienne’s words draw me to Jesus- and not the Jesus of the American church or the one we may have heard about in our religious circles. I’m talking about Jesus of the Bible- the real one who loves us infinitely and perfectly. Her words are raw, real, piercing, convicting, challenging, and life-giving. She is every bit of a modern day prophet. And she is my friend. What a joy!”

Holly P.

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