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There is no one right way to stay, or get, healthy: mentally, physically, or spiritually.

But DO SOMETHING. Move your body. Drink water. Practice deep breathing. Love the person in the mirror. Eat vegetables. Get ample sleep. Lift heavy things. Practice kindness. Read. Volunteer. But DO SOMETHING…and commit to do it CONSISTENTLY.

I’m pretty in tune with my body from “bio-hacking” it for 30+ years. FOR ME, I’ve figured out which foods cause inflammation, achy joints, bloating and weight gain, brain fog, trigger viruses and nerve flares, etc, and which foods, practices, and exercise feel like fuel and precision engineering for my body.

Anyway, much of my life I’ve done the whole hare thing…all the enthusiasm and energy at the beginning, but lack of strategy or endurance to finish. The last several years have been a different story as I’ve fallen back in love with visions and plans coupled with perseverance and consistency. Just like the Tortoise and the Hare, slow and steady actually does win the race.

I’ve intentionally slowed down to pay attention, and, as far as health and body image, my motivation has changed: it’s not about losing weight or a number on the scale (I don’t own a scale). I already know my worth isn’t measured in inches or girth.
Instead, having watched my parents both pass away young and being the only one responsible for how I care for myself (for myself) and my family, my new motivation is to: feel amazing, age youthfully, and gain strength in my muscles and my mind!

The top two pictures are from July 27th.
The bottom two pictures were taken December 5th.

Enter: Last summer. My husband and I ate and drank like it was the 4th of July, except we did it all summer long. Before the close of summer, I had already committed to myself to make ONE healthy choice at a time to regain my health and enter the second half of my life stronger than the first.

Initially I did two things: I bought a pair of “goal jeans,” and started working out consistently. A high school friend, Jenn Riscossa, who is a personal trainer got me moving again after a long hiatus from the gym due to thoracic outlet syndrome (basically a pinched nerve and vessels near my collar bone. I was so discouraged, you guys! I’ve done yoga for 15+ years and couldn’t do downward dog or a chaturanga. I couldn’t do one push-up without my arm going numb and the nerve freaking out. And weights were out because my bicep would cramp, shooting pain down my arm and up into my neck. It was lame…and so I finally went to the doctor and had to begin the slow work of rehab with a PT for 6 months. – Boohoo, I know, but this contributed to my out-of-shapeness, and also motivated me to not stay there…)

The above pictures are of me in my “goal jeans,” a vintage pair of actual sailor bell bottoms I found at the thrift that I KNEW could fit me if I committed to myself to be consistent. Instead of freaking out that they didn’t fit AT ALL in July, I was really excited about the day when they would! This alone was a mindset victory, because years ago I would have focused on what the mirror was showing me.

I still have a few inches to comfortably wear them, but on December 5th, I zipped and snapped these puppies and am really proud of myself for the ONE consistent choice I made last summer: work out regularly.

I’m 47 years old and haven’t hit menopause, yet, but have heard so many stories of how the hormonal change can wreak havoc on our health and body composition. I wanted to be intentional to do what I could to learn about balance at this stage in life and get better with age, like cheese or a fine wine, rather than spend the rest of my life excusing my lack of health on menopause, inflammation, or whatever other reason.

Enter: my friend, Michelle Arnold. She introduced to the Faster Way to Fat Loss. Michelle is a few years ahead of me in life and her transition through menopause has been fascinating to watch because she’s done it so healthily. She used to eat low carb or keto and worked out pretty regularly, but the combo jacked her thyroid, messed up her sleep, she was packing on the weight rather than maintaining, and was always exhausted. She became a certified Faster Way to Fat Loss Coach and I watched her journey from a distance to see what it was all about and if it really worked.

Having bio-hacked my body for 30+ years, I was already familiar with Intermittent Fasting, healthy fats and carbs, whole food nutrition, and tracking macros, as well as weight lifting and meditation, etc. BUT, even knowing all these things I couldn’t figure out how it all fit together, AND, whether it was my “goal jeans” or all the rest of the jeans in my closet, none of them fit.

NONE OF THEM. Enter: a year+ of wearing stretchy pants…

So, after I watched Michelle’s health make huge progress in her energy, sleep, body composition, even skin tone, and overall wellness, I decided to join her September/October 6-week group to see how my body would respond.

You guys! I have literally only lost 3 pounds since I had weighed in at the doctor the beginning of August.


BUT HOLY SCHNIKEYS, the way The Faster Way to Fat Loss program combines: Intermittent Fasting, Carb-cycling, HIIT workouts and weight training, with Whole Food Nutrition…well, they have it dialed in like a science!

Can you do it without joining the program? Yep. Totally. Obviously. You can do ANYTHING!

And I’m not here to “sell you” that their program is the only one. I know better and so do you. I’m literally sharing this post and including the link for the program because it is well built, takes out the guess work, and Michelle is a fun and relatable coach who walks you through each part of the program to get you on your way to rocking menopause.

This isn’t a fad diet or program you do for only 6 weeks. It is so dialed in, it’s become my lifestyle. It’s really crazy to see how easy it becomes natural .

So, if time is money or you’re sick of being tired, having wonky pre/peri/or menopause symptoms and want to gain strength and rock your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and beyond, with more whoop-ass than your earlier years, then seriously, join Michelle’s upcoming group starting January 6th.

Use THIS affiliate link to join her 6-week group starting on January 6th, and the money I receive from your sign-up goes toward a volunteer/work trip my daughter is taking in March. IT’s a WIN/WIN!

And you better believe I’ll post an update of me in my bell bottom sailor jeans! Let me know if you join Michelle’s upcoming group so I can encourage you, friend!


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