Here’s a gift for you for the holidays…it’s my sister-in-law Rosana’s recipe and it ROCKS! I […]
Well, this was hard actually. They were all pretty hilarious! Karen, where do you find this […]
We took Em and Noah to the Black Hills in July ’06 These are of a […]
I’ve been needing a good laugh lately…prior to the blog comment drama…just needing a laugh. I […]
…in no particular order: I’m not easily offended. I have always welcomed discussion and differing opinions […]
Well, not a lot to report…I finished my Lyme protocol on Sunday of this week. I […]
I know some of you are elated and others of you grieved or even fearful. I […]

I’ve been thinking about the way Jesus taught His disciples how to pray, from Matthew chapter […]
I met Jason on Halloween night eighteen years ago…I’ve known him now half my life. I […]
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