All Up in Your Crazy

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“I will combat my stress and heated difficult parenting moments with trips to the toilet. I read a really darling short story about a woman who locked herself in her master bathroom happily for the weekend.  It was her own special stay-cation, complete with Orangina and crackers. I may have to try that.  Don’t tell […]

2nd Grade Closet Eater

#FirstWorldProblems, Part 2

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Me:  Hi.  I’d like to cancel my massage appointment.  I have a schedule conflict. Receptionist:  Okay.  Would you like to reschedule now for another time? Me:  Well, let me think…I’m trying to figure out when I’m going to be really stressed out…that would probably be a good time to come in, right?! These are actual […]


My show and tell

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For my birthday in January Jason and Em wrote me a letter from Noah that said I got to pick out a special bracelet with his name on it. I searched but could not find anything that would do justice to the imprint Noah left on my heart. I am a very visual person, so […]