Eleven years ago, it was bitter cold in Denver, Colorado. 2 or 3 degrees, if I […]
Noah and his lovey, Nurse Maria Noah is crushing on his nurses! He’s become quite the […]
Our son, the Rabbi… Noah’s cotton balls that protect his ears from his hat straps unraveled […]
We have a favorite book which we found in England last year.  Em, Nana, and I […]
Well, we have been at TCH for two weeks now. Noah is in serious but stable […]
I just wanted to encourage you all with the fact that the meals that are coming […]
What a morning! So, the new nurse today got tangled in Noah’s feeding tube and almost […]
July 11th, Em’s first gum chewing extravaganza… So, I don’t know how to do an entry […]
PICU, ROOM 8 We’ve moved in. Since Jason works from home, he is able to do […]
My younger sister, Dana, holding Noah in TCH Denver PICU Last fall Dana made a CD […]
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