August 29thToday is Tuesday and a lot happened today and nothing also happened…We were moved from […]

Noah’s hand and foot It’s a little difficult to see, but last Wednesday before Noah was […]

Look who came to visit Noah… Just kidding! My sister got first row floor at the […]

Wires, wires, and more wires Yesterday Noah had an EEG to measure his brain wave activity. […]

Parents…Looking a little rough but hanging in there…neither of us has worked out in a month […]

Here is Noah on his tube, holding mommy’s hand. It’s so good to see his face […]

The Space Capsule… Noah is no longer in the iron lung, or space capsule as we […]

What a day! Noah is intubated and his lung has reinflated. He is awake and alert, […]

Holy smokes, friends! Please pray hard! Noah’s stool that was sent out to the Center for […]

Thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement. Noah is sleeping soundly in his “space capsule”. […]
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