There is a Time for Everything Under the Sun

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Our third child didn’t get a baby shower.  Not because historically it’s improper in the book of manners, but because I just didn’t think my heart could handle it.  The last time I had been pregnant with a boy, my friends gathered around me as we ate chocolate and vegetables and artichoke dip, all the […]



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So, I guess since I’m due in less than a week it’s probably time to have some more belly shots…my friend Gina took these of me on my front porch. The memory on my camera has been full and I’ve been a bit busy. I guess documenting this pregnancy has been a bit surreal for […]



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Apparently…stress brings about contractions…or at least mega–Braxton Hicks. Apparently…even though I have been trained throughout my life in different leadership settings to appear calm in extremely stressful situations, my body wasn’t trained as well. Apparently…the European pregnant ladies know a little something because a half a glass of wine (don’t judge me…) during false labor […]

pregnancy the 5th time around


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So, what you do know is that I am pregnant and have been since some time near the end of November. What you didn’t know was Christmas morning I called my little sister to ask her if she was pregnant, too. Her test was negative…slacker! Three days later, her test was positive! What you didn’t […]

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Back it up a little…

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So, Em and Jason and I went in on Tuesday for our uber-ultra ultrasound. They check for all the important vital body parts. Most parents look only for genitalia. Obviously since we seem to produce children with more than just private parts, and since our lives have been radically changed over the past 4 years […]


Is it GP or AMA?

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Christmas morning I slipped out of bed quietly, which isn’t hard with Jason since he’s quite the sleeper, and tiptoed quietly to our bathroom to take the test that I knew in my heart would already be positive. I hadn’t decided if I would show Jason the stripes that day or wait until 12 weeks […]