As a writer it’s easy to be misunderstood because of the very thing we love: words. […]
We need to start a “Loveolution.”  Actually, we need to carry out what was already started […]
God’s been having me write out some scriptures for myself to study and really chew on, […]
You know, I was never a fan of funerals and potato salad or dying people or […]
Sorry I’ve been absent for quite some time.  I’ve been working on this: And by, “I’ve […]
Have you ever been jealous of someones life? Maybe their circumstances, their title, bank account, seemingly […]
I was talking with a friend recently, the kind that, even though we don’t get to […]
Just before the sun breaks the horizon in the east, the most breathtaking thing happens a […]
For several years now I’ve not been able to put into words my feelings or thoughts […]
I wanted to share some scriptures that I’m going to be meditating on this week, or […]
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