I’ve been polishing up my resume. Let me rephrase that…I have had one job that required […]
So, I feathered my hair. You know you want to try it. And, that young thing […]
“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1 It’s Earth Day. I […]
This is random but if you live in a well watered area of the world, but […]
I don’t love people well. I love the people I love and that love me in […]
Sweet guy, who knew you’d walk into my life and leave shortly thereafter? Who knew you’d […]
One of my BFF’s, Kim Arnold: quilt maker, artist, pastry guru, good listener, chocolate lover, now […]
Next Wednesday, April 8th, I’ll be a guest on a radio show on www.castlerockradio.com called “The […]
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