Better Late Than Never?

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Well, I know Halloween and Fall Break were a while ago, but I thought I’d post some pics anyway so you can see the Adventures of Emily and Ryan.  We had an early snow so we pulled all the pumpkins into the front hall.  Ryan played “ball” with these every day until the snow melted. […]


Oh, Facebook! Gotta love it!

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“Please copy and paste this as your status if you know someone, or have heard of someone who knows someone that may know someone who knows anyone. If you don’t know anyone, or even if you’ve heard of anyone who doesn’t know anyone that doesn’t know someone, then still copy this. It’s important to spread […]

Just for laughs

Just for fun…

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So, I feathered my hair. You know you want to try it. And, that young thing to the left of the picture, when I told her that I ‘feathered my hair’ said, “What’s feathering?” Which, mind you, came only days after Jason informed me that we were ‘middle-aged’. Who knew 37 was middle aged?! I […]