We are headed to Mexico this morning! We fly into San Diego and then drive down […]
Okay, good job on the ‘Sixteen Candles’, Molly Ringwald deal. My best friend, Stacey, growing up, […]
“Look, Fred, she’s gotten her boobies!” “Ahhh!” “Oh, and they are so perky!” The first person […]
If you’ve ever been sick of yourself, over your selfish ways, disgusted with your inconsistencies, your […]
Birthday one… …two……three… (actually Daddy’s cake, but on 7/11, her birthday) Picture of the last day […]
I was sent an email the other day entitled “Something for your family”. I opened it […]
Have you ever driven down the same street repeatedly, noticing your favorite houses, buildings, or landmarks […]
Email is FUN!

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