…every man’s dream? Read on…you might change your mind. Really, Sweetheart, on the eve of our […]
A ‘little somethin’ God whipped up one day, long ago…Some trees He designed that He knew […]
Did you ever get your mouth washed out with soap? I said something naughty when I […]
Daddy’s girl, early on Good daddy’s read to their kids if they are able… Her lips […]
Wax Stix glassesSolar-Rolz TM, as prescribed by my eye doc The top of the world…at least […]
Well, we did it. Jason and I watched Noah’s birth video. The pictures below…I got to […]
I just couldn’t get my act together to hit the 400 mark on Noah’s birthday. Technically, […]
7 minutes oldPuckering upProud daddy and big sis Some random thoughts… It would be cool to […]
June 2006Today Em wanted me to unpack a few boxes in the basement so I could […]
Except if it’s true, it’s not funny, it’s really sad. Today while I was driving home […]
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