…every man’s dream? Read on…you might change your mind.
Really, Sweetheart, on the eve of our 15 year anniversary, if you wanted barbecue and a sponge bath, you could have just said so…

I’m so in love with you, I would do anything for you, even eat cheap barbecue on our anniversary to make you happy…
You are, to me, and always will be, the hottest man in the whole wide world…
…even with my clean dish towel wrapped firmly on your dirty foot with the 2 and a half inch gouge in it…
…and waiting for stitches while reading sports mags…
Jason, you are by far, the hottest man in the whole wide world, and whether we are celebrating in an Urgent Care facility or some fancy restaurant with candlelight, I’m grateful to God we are celebrating, and it’s with you.
(Next picture, not for the weak at heart…)

So, as we were doing some landscaping, Jason was using a 4 inch diamond blade to cut some flagstone in half…with his sandals on…when the saw hit a bump and jumped 2 feet, still rotating in the air as it shot across the ground into his foot.
We went to Urgent Care where we thought he’d just need a few stitches…
He got a few stitches, alright, but they are temporary surface stitches because when the doctor pulled open his wound, there was bone and muscle exposed, a little fat, some ‘unknown chunks’ and such. We have to call an orthopedic specialist in the morning. He got a tetanus shot, IV antibiotics, a Rx for antibiotics and Vicodin, barbecue on the way home (his favorite food) and, though I drew the bath, he’s a big boy and can take care of the rest…
This is his fancy footwear for a while.

And so, I am grateful to God for sparing Jason any further or greater harm. I am grateful for the last 15 years of marriage to my very best friend, regardless of circumstances, we are in love, and for that I am thankful. I also am so thankful to Jason for granting me permission to blog his escapade, as, quite frankly, I’ve felt a little dry lately, and, well, this is just good material…I love you, Jason, forever. Me xoxox



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  1. That’s GREAT material! Because (and I am glad) he didn’t sustain further injury or harm. I would read your blog regardless of the material. You have been an inspiration to me as a child of God and as a wife, mother and friend. Happy Anniversary to you both!

  2. adrienne! i couldn’t even read the captions above or below those feet pictures.

    so now i only got to the hottest husband part of the post. darn it.

    loved your title.

    happy anniversary you two.

  3. I am a long time reader of your blog. Your words inspire me – thank you for being so honest and transparent!

    I had to comment because I am celebrating my 15th anniversary this year too, and your wedding dress looks just like mine! Roses on the sleeves and the small of the back, beading on the bodice and around the end of the dress, and made of silk shantung! I remember liking it because it was “simple”! And at the time it was!!

    Happy Anniversary and so glad that your dear husband will be o’k.

  4. how good of him to give you such GREAT material for your blog… now that is one heck of an anniversary present. πŸ™‚ SO glad he wasn’t hurt worse!

  5. I love how in love you are. I feel the same way about my hottest man in the world πŸ™‚
    Much love,

  6. Aw, best wishes for a speedy recovery. And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both! You’ll always remember this one. . .just like our most recent Christmas Eve — We were in the E.R. until 1am, getting a broken arm taken care of with Julia (6 yr old). πŸ™‚

  7. Oh my goodness!!! What a way to spend a special day. I certainly feel Jason’s pain; I have done horrific things to my own feet (two incidents involving a lawnmower and a jelly jar specifically). Just recently, I blogged about my own toe mishap:


    Anyway, congrats on your 15th anniversary! No matter how you spent it, you spent it in love. πŸ™‚ (And speaking of love, I don’t care if your gown is from the early 90s, I think it is beautiful! I remember commenting about it when you had a pic of Em wearing it. It’s so princessy!)

  8. Happy Anniversary!!! My wonderful husband and I have been married 9 years today. My hubby is down after having his tonsils removed. Glad to hear Jason is doing okay and not hurt any worse. Enjoy the rest of your day.


  9. Adrienne,

    Does that mean that ol’ Jason is going to miss the annual “Stomping of the Grapes” at this fall’s wine festival? I guess that he’ll have to give up sumo wrestling too, ‘cuz they always begin the match by stomping.

    Let me hasten to say that I am just joking – realizing that he is going to be OK – lest I get attacked by one of your “groupies”. Bottom Line: I am grateful, with you, that it was not more serious.

    Happy Anniverary! Cherish each day.



  10. Awww…happy anniversary!!!!!!! I love hearing of couples staying together especially this day and time!!! We’ve been married almost 11 and I am so thankful for the good, the bad, & the ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE your blog!!!

  11. Love Milt’s post. πŸ™‚
    Almost couldn’t stomach the “cleaning out” picture but have been curious about how Jason’s doing.
    Happy Anniversary (a day late)!

  12. Oh my…An Anniversary to remember for sure! You 2 are still as cute as ever…I can still picture you walking hand in hand on our great college campus πŸ˜‰

    Love you both

  13. Oh boy! What a day you had. Sorry you had to spend your anniversary that way. This one will for sure be one for the books. I hope that things went well with the specialist. And that Jason is better now.

  14. OUUUUCCHHHH! i was a bit weak when i saw that close up… man, Jason..a jumping blade! Yikes!
    What a way to bring in the 15th year! Hope it heals nicely!

  15. OH, I can relate to this experience. Last fall my husband was chopping wood. It was oak and wouldn’t cut (this is the stuff they make furniture out of!). So he inserted a wedge into one of the logs and when he hit the wedge with his ax, it shot out right into the front of his leg. When it stopped bleeding we could see the muscles and tendons, eek!!! His cut was probably four inches, but has healed nicely and I know your husband’s will too. Happy Anniversary.

  16. So glad it wasn’t more serious…. another moment to make the occasion even more memorable.

    You two are a beautiful couple and may your love for CHRIST and each other continue to grow stronger and more abundant through each moment… even the ones like include bbq, drugs, and a sponge…

    Happy Anniversary…. though a little late. I just got back from a FUN Adventure in Buena Vista.

    Love GOD’s creation… and to think how much time HE took creating the mountains, yet so much more time on the two hearts of Jason and Adrienne that HE brought together. Glad you chose HIM and that you two chose each other.

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