A ‘little somethin’ God whipped up one day, long ago…
Some trees He designed that He knew we would enjoy…
He was right. They are my favorite.
Can you make those? Or explain them with a scientific equation?
I do not worship creation. I cherish it. I admire it. I am usually speechless while gazing upon it. Or, I am stupid and repetitive while sharing it with another because there are not enough words in the dictionary to describe its beauty with adequacy. To me, though, what makes creation so phenomenal is that it was all, ALL, every bit of it, created by God. To me, enjoying the created things around me are much more appreciated through the filter of knowing they weren’t an accident, but divinely designed by God. I love Him more each time I look around and see that He took time to show the world His creativity.
This past weekend Jason and I enjoyed a getaway in one of the most beautiful places in CO. We were in Snowmass, near Aspen, for our friend’s wedding. And in true awe of God’s display, the wedding and reception were outdoors, surrounded by mountains in every direction. As we sat and witnessed the beautiful beginning to a wonderful marriage, I could not help but be distracted by the display of God’s splendor.
This isn’t a post about whether God created the universe or not, since He did…but for me, it’s that enjoying it is so much richer knowing He made it and it’s not just a bunch of rocks, trees, waterfalls, and plants taking up space…just like us…He made us to show off His creativity. Enjoy being a part of His creation and know you were made with a purpose.



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  1. I was in Colorado this last week, too, and felt the same awe and admiration for God that you so beautifully wrote about here. He loves us so much, doesn’t He? How He knew I would love aspen trees is incredible to me.

  2. Thanks for sharing…. GOD did create such wonderful things… I wish more people could see the beauty of the things HE has created on a daily basis…. I pray they could experience HIM in each and every moment of their day. To think of ALL the beautiful things HE created, and that we too belong in that category.

  3. Craig wants to take me to CO sometime soon to show me the mountains. I can’t wait to go!!! I love to sit outside on a summer evening around dusk time when everything is quiet and just reflect on Him. It is when I am laying on my swing, under our big maple tree, feeling the breeze on my face, and hearing the birds chirping off in the distance that I truly feel Gods presence near me. When I am all quiet. Great post and when we make it to CO I will let you know. Hope to see you sometime this summer. We def. have to do lunch at Guadalajara’s again!!! YUMMY!!! Love you!

  4. I’m missing the Colorado mountains now, thanks to the pics! I grew up in a small CO mountain town and enjoyed God’s beautiful creation everyday just as I am now, living in Oregon. Love this post:) Melissa

  5. Yesterday as I hung out my washing I was in awe of Gods presence. Down where I live in Perth Australia we are in the middle of winter and yet yesterday, was different. Some may say it was a good 12 mins of sunshine but to me it was a gift straight from God himself. I was hanging out my washing thinking about all my troubles when I suddenly realised that everything was silent…. No cars, no voices not even any birds. Everything was still. The sun shone down on my skin and I felt an overwhelming feeling of peace.

    I have just stumbled upon this blog from youtube and reading it has filled my heart with a new sense of beauty.

    God Bless you, for you and your words are an amazing gift to anyone that reads this blog.

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