(*I started writing this the morning of June 19th) It’s all surreal, carpet burns on my […]
  Many friends and family members have asked us questions about our pending “adventure” if you […]
Ever heard the song by the Oh Hellos, “Second Child, Restless Child?” Here are the lyrics […]
Today’s writing prompt is GLUE. GO: Yesterday Ryan glued a piece of art together at preschool […]
We spent the last week and a half driving to Southern California and back, stopping here […]
First I want to begin with many thanks! We know people are praying for us and […]
I worked at a college for 5 years in the field of Student Development. It was […]
I wrote this blog post about a month ago…and, well, March 15th is the day after the […]
We’ve read the account of Creation to our kids many times.  Our oldest is in 6th […]
(*This isn’t a passive-aggressive “open letter”, rant-style, where I go off on your sucky behavior as […]
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