“Inappropriate” Questions

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When the PICU attending physician came into Noah’s hospital room to tell me our son’s stool had killed dozens of mice at the CDC and wondered if Jason and I were going to “intubate” Noah, put him on life support, I asked the question we are all told NOT to ask, the question that is totally […]


There is a Time for Everything Under the Sun

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Our third child didn’t get a baby shower.  Not because historically it’s improper in the book of manners, but because I just didn’t think my heart could handle it.  The last time I had been pregnant with a boy, my friends gathered around me as we ate chocolate and vegetables and artichoke dip, all the […]

God's love

The Birthday Boy!

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Jason and I hugged maybe a little more than normal yesterday. We just kept staring at our son, looking at one another, and then finally stating the obvious, “We have a one year old son. We’ve never had a one year old son before…Thank You, Lord God, for the blessing of Ryan Graves!” Not trying […]

birth story

5 whole years!

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Wow! A lot has transpired over the last 5 years… Love. Elation. Roller coaster emotions. Hope. Trust. Faith. Heartache. Disappointment. Fear. Loss. Peace. Dying to self. Doors closed. New beginnings. Bitter memories. Sweet memories. Eyes opened. Hope renewed. Trust still firm. Faith still boundless. And a whole lot of love. In a million years I […]


"The path of least resistance…"

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…was not meant for me to take. I’m learning how to live on the way.” – Elizabeth Hunnicutt, from her album On The Way (emphasis mine) Here is a sneak peak at a video I made today that I’ll be sharing with a local MOPS group on Tuesday. It’s crazy how 4 years later, looking […]

conversations with Emily

Conversations with a 5 year old

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July 11th If Emily looks older in the above picture than she did yesterday, it’s because she’s 5…but it’s also because she learned about Noah today… I did not intend for it to happen this way, but on the way home from dinner it was just the two of us in the car. (Jason had […]