Jason and I hugged maybe a little more than normal yesterday. We just kept staring at our son, looking at one another, and then finally stating the obvious, “We have a one year old son. We’ve never had a one year old son before…Thank You, Lord God, for the blessing of Ryan Graves!”

Not trying to be morbid here or overly dramatic.

The truth is, becoming Emily’s parents we were blessed with the awe and realization that nurturing a child is not only a gift but a lifelong mission of great responsibility. When Noah was born this understanding was only solidified, then taken to a deeper awe of cherishing each moment, one day at a time. The day Ryan was born I knew time was precious, even the day to day, un-glamorous stuff.

I’m not going to lie and say I am a perfect steward of every moment of each day. But, as Jason and I recently took the Love Language quiz, it was confirmed that our most treasured language is time. We both topped the charts in this area. (I HIGHLY recommend you heading over there now and taking a few minutes to assess your heart. Then, talk to your loved ones and friends about taking the quiz. We had Em take it and it helped us know what we already did…the girl loves to snuggle and spend quality time with people she loves.) So, wasting time is the ultimate blow to my heart. I don’t want to waste yours, I get irritated when I’ve wasted my own, and let’s just say, I’m not a fan if someone has overstepped mine.

All that to say, looking back over the last year, Ryan’s first year of life, I’ve been beyond blessed with the opportunity to hibernate and spend time with a very precious little growing soul. I literally sing songs when he poopies, so thankful he has healthy bowels finally. I love greeting him in the morning, seeing his smile and smothering him with kisses. Snuggling him before bed for a few minutes, praying God’s blessings over his life, God’s calling and anointing in him to glorify God in all that he does, is one of my favorites times of day…crawling on the floor with him, playing catch and fetch…not just giving him a bottle since he’s big enough to hold it, but nuggling him as he inhales every drop. So many things. I do not take these for granted.

I know from what we walked through with Noah and having met and spoken with countless other people who have walked similar roads that time is something to be cherished, it goes quickly, and it’s nothing we can ever regain.

So, you’ve never lost a loved one. You still have healthy parents, grandparents, and your friends and family are healthy as a band of horses. That is totally awesome! It’s something to rejoice in!

For the most part, that is my life, too! Yes, my mom has breast cancer but she’s, “Stronger than your honor student.” Yes, my dad is 66 years old today and can’t lift a washer and dryer by himself anymore. I’ve got a healthy husband, healthy kids, and I’m currently the healthiest I’ve been in my life and I’m pushing 40…

My point is this…whether you’ve weathered tragedy personally, walked through it with another person, or only observed it from afar…are you stuck on the hamster wheel or are you thanking and living one day at a time?

Because guess what?! There will ALWAYS be financial troubles, broken bones, disease, torrential weather, infidelity, famine, heartache, disappointment, homelessness, someone else with more stuff, etc, etc.

But, tomorrow isn’t promised.


Today, start small. Give a hug. Hold a hand. Smooch some lips. Read with your kids. Forgive. Stop, rest, heal. Listen. Pray. Dip your finger in the frosting and let your kids lick the beaters. Forget the obsessive cleaning for a day and discover that the time you spent instead playing a game is what will put a healthy deposit of love and security in your kids’ hearts…your husband’s heart.

Jesus said, “…therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow has enough trouble of its own…” Matthew 6:34

…and then, “who by worrying can add a single day to his life?”

TODAY! One. Day. At. A. Time.

(I lost my little white thingamajiggy that helps me upload pics…I am headed out to purchase one and will then show you how sweet Ryan was downing his very first allergen free birthday treat!)


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  1. Love this post Ad.

    I’ve done the 5 Love Languages Bible Study before a couple times. Mine and my husband’s love language is also Quality Time!

    Happy 1st Birthday to Ryan!!!

  2. Ade…
    a great reminder to me today to thank God for all the amazing people I spend my own days with here on the other side of the ocean.

    And…I’ll send you a msg too, but I’m gonna be in your area of the world later this year. I’d love to get some TIME with you! I can’t believe last time I saw you was in the hospital with little Noah. But SO glad I got to meet him…now I want to meet little Ryan!

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