I got to kiss my mom.

She’s one tough lady, that’s for sure!

I won’t share what she said to the nurse when the nurse asked her why she was in pain…let’s just say “chopped” was one of the verbs…

My dad said my mom got a pretty good night sleep. But, let’s be honest. To all my nurse friends out there, we all know it’s not a hotel, it’s a hospital so sleep, though necessary for healing, is kind of a joke in the hospital unless one is knocked out.

I’m headed up there with my big sis to learn home care along with my dad. When they told us that my mom would be released likely the day after surgery, I’m pretty sure we all thought they were on crack. But, she’s much more alert, up and walking and gaining strength today, so, apparently the medical team was not, in fact, on crack.

She’ll be released later this afternoon. Thanks for your continued support and prayers for my mom and our family!

This is the first leg of the journey…now for all that is ahead of us, we know with God’s strength and an encouraging group around, she’s gonna kick cancer in the pants!



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  1. I’ve been keeping up with your reports and praying for your mom, Ade. I’m so sorry she has to endure this, but I believe God will carry her through, as well as carrying you and the family through. Take time to rest and breathe.

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