So, I’ve been ‘tagged’…on Facebook, that is. “25 Random Things about me…” So, I’ve decided to […]
So…I’m clean! By natural testing, the homeopathic remedy worked and Doc Julie cannot detect borrelia Burgdorferi, […]
Well, I’m sucking it up and FINALLY going back to the doctor (naturopath) today to see […]
Do you believe you aren’t just a bi-product of your parents or two people that had […]
In an attempt to increase my fiber intake and be an uber-healthy woman, I’ve been eating […]
Thank you, everyone for praying! The 12th was a good day, for the most part, but […]
January 12th, in the wee hours of the morning God, I’m not really sure how it […]
I can’t stop crying… I’m not sad about missing Noah right now…that’s not where my tears […]
Actually, it’s my birthday, too, and, if you head over here, this sweetie miracle celebrates today, […]
Carry Me – Jars of Clay (lyrics to song playing on page right now…) January One, […]
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