"Food Fight!!!!!"

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A couple weeks ago Jason was rude.  And I mean, weird rude.   To me it seemed totally irrational and out of nowhere, and in 20+ years of knowing him, I should know…because Jason’s not rude.  It’s not his nature or in his character to be rude.  He’s the most thoughtful man I know. I mean, […]

abundant life


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Have you ever sat through a movie trailer that intrigued you enough to want to go see it?  If you answered, “yes,” that’s the point.  It’s meant to draw you in so you can learn the whole story. And then the feature film starts rolling.  The lights are dimmed, you have your goodies in hand, […]


Yer purdy…

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Last night as we were winding down, Jason on the couch, me tidying up a few things in the kitchen, getting my glass of water for bed, I asked Jason a simple question. Me: “Did you think I looked pretty today?” Jason: “Of course!” Me: “Well, why didn’t you say so?” Jason: “You look beautiful […]