Have you ever sat through a movie trailer that intrigued you enough to want to go see it?  If you answered, “yes,” that’s the point.  It’s meant to draw you in so you can learn the whole story.

And then the feature film starts rolling.  The lights are dimmed, you have your goodies in hand, and everyone has silenced their phones, except that one guy.  You sit there, let’s say for 20 minutes of this 2 hour feature length presentation, and the plot is building, you are sucked in, and the thought of having to leave even to go to the bathroom you stave off by tightly crossing your legs and denying yourself any more sips of your beverage…you just don’t want to miss out on the story about to be revealed.  
Now imagine at the 25 minute mark the lights switch on and the theater manager walks into the packed venue and states, “That’s it, people.  The director and producer had big dreams and every intention for this film to be a complete story, but the actors and crew quit showing up after only two weeks of shooting.  So, anyway, we hope you enjoyed the part you were able to see.  Have a good night and thanks for coming…”
I suspect there would be some disgruntled patrons, to say the least.
Imagine if that’s what life is like when we don’t want to tell our story, don’t think it’s important to tell, or are waiting for the unlovely, difficult parts to pass before we share.
There is a bigger picture.  We may not know or understand all the details, but it is a story which is unfolding every single day around the world.  A story being told through our lives.  The God of the whole Universe, who loves us with every part of His heart, desires to express His love for all creation through the telling of our stories.  
Because He made us…on purpose.
Can you imagine a world where we stop comparing ourselves to those around us, wishing our lives were a little more like theirs and instead began telling our stories, laced with all the imperfection, pain, and beauty, for the good of God’s bigger story?
It’s time we all stop cheating the world of who God designed us to be.
It’s time to start living the story.

(Here’s a little taste of what God’s put on my heart.  You’ll find out more when I launch my non-profit, soon and very soon…)


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  1. I SOOOOOOOO needed this today. I had an emergency hysterectomy/nearly died in July after the birth of my daughter and it’s just been really hard.

    You’re awesome! I love your honesty!

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