Let’s say that one more time, not for shock value, but for the sake of truth […]
In junior high I took part in a peaceful protest walk against abortion. As we walked […]
We’ve read the account of Creation to our kids many times.  Our oldest is in 6th […]
When I was in elementary school I went to the mall with my friend and her […]
As a kid who grew up in Arizona it didn’t take long to realize a pool […]
So, I guess if you are reading this morning, you are still here on earth. Awesome! […]
(*This isn’t a passive-aggressive “open letter”, rant-style, where I go off on your sucky behavior as […]
Throughout history people have tried to be like God. Some have falsely abused power, wielding it […]
One of the perspective changes I had while Noah was in the hospital, and then since […]
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