So, I guess if you are reading this morning, you are still here on earth. Awesome! That means you aren’t done and the God who made you isn’t done with you, either.  Not “done with you” like you have a bunch of cleaning up to do type of “done with you” but, if God is real, that in addition to Him creating us and loving us, He also knows how many days we’ll be on this earth.

So, what if He does know the number of our days?  This question is a difficult one to wrap ones head and heart around, especially if we’ve lost someone dear to us.  How can ANY age be the RIGHT age to die?  And how can ANY circumstance be the RIGHT circumstance? What if we stopped judging God’s goodness and love for us through our lens of hurt and pain from death, but rather, what if in light of knowing and accepting God’s love for us, we viewed death a little differently?

I’m not saying death doesn’t hurt.  It hurts like crazy!  I’m going to share something here I’ve never written on the blog.  I felt Noah’s last heartbeats with my tear drenched cheek and I wondered why my own heart kept beating in my chest after he was gone.  Why my brain kept telling my body to pump blood and take in breaths after he died was beyond me, but in that moment I had to trust God sees a bigger picture and it wasn’t my turn to head to eternity.

One last kiss...(photo: Audrey Imfeld, NILMDTS)

One last kiss…(photo: Audrey Imfeld, NILMDTS)

Death is painful for those of us left over.  Sure, some could say I’m crazy for believing there is a God in the first place and that He is good and loves us, especially after losing our son.  But what if being in God’s presence really is more amazing than this broken, beautiful, limited version of living we know down here on earth?  What if being in God’s physical presence really is all that and a bag of chips?  I don’t know.  I’ve never physically died to give you a clear answer but I can tell you my 30+ year fear of death no longer holds me back from living or trusting in God’s love and goodness.

Would you even know how to live fully if you let go of your fear of death?  Would the way you lived and loved in the day to day look any differently? Would we love more richly, with deeper sincerity, messes and all, and worry less, knowing physical death is only a temporary separation from those we love?

I don’t know.  I’m just throwing it out there…imagine a people no longer caged in by the fear of death, but rather freed by God’s unconditional love and Easter resurrection, free to live fully engaged lives, here and now.

What if God’s message is comfort for all who mourn and joy instead of doom?

Scripture: Isaiah 61, The Message

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    • Thanks for walking through it with us, way back in the day when cyber friendships were new but real. And here we are, 7.5 years later, huh?! I’m thankful, friend! xoxox

  1. My heart still hurts, but mostly for my son and daughter in law. lil Gabby our first grandchild made me open my heart up more to our Lord and I have no more fear of dying. It is a quiet calm feeling in my heart. She was only here for about an hour before she went to paradise and she changed my life. So many lives.

    • I’m so sorry about Gabby! Thank you for sharing how her sweet life has changed your own. My mom and I have talked about this a lot over the years, as I knew loss from a mom’s perspective and she was experiencing it as a Grandma, two different roles, two different perspectives, two people totally in love with the same little person, and changed forever because of it. I’m so sorry you lost your granddaughter! xoxox

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