I’ve been thinking about Jesus a lot lately…I mean, I think of Him everyday, but specifically […]
So, I’m not afraid to admit it…I need help. In what area, you ask? Where, oh […]
Em: Mom, I sent a balloon to Noah.Me: Oh Em, that is so sweet!Jason: Em also […]
Cole is now with Jesus…as of 11:28 this morning. This sweet little boy, so beautiful, only […]
Sweet Noah Your eyes are a window To all of our childhood dreams It’s almost like […]
Here’s an update: With the help of many people, my financial goals have been met in […]
Republicans think we (women) are stupid and gullible and reading this post and the comments left […]
…It’s perfume in the Oval Office…AND IT’S NOT COMING FROM AN INTERN! So, as I’ve said […]
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