Have you ever been disobedient? It’s a word we like to throw around with our children, […]
I wrote this blog post about a month ago…and, well, March 15th is the day after the […]
Happy 20th Anniversary, Sweetheart!  20 years.  I wrote a “Husband List” before we even met and […]
Santa Fe was good for me.  I drove down by myself because Jason was there for […]
When I think of turtles, images from Eric Carle’s books come to mind since I have […]
Was it Venezuela?  Maybe Siberia?  It could have been St. Petersburg, Russia. I don’t remember now. […]
Jason’s team at work watched the following short film the other day.  He then forwarded it […]
There are people who check their astrology chart or reading every day.  They are seeking insight, […]
Have you ever sat through a movie trailer that intrigued you enough to want to go […]
Remember this? It’s been a while.  I wouldn’t expect you to, but I sure do.  One […]
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