Yesterday Noah’s catheter was taken out to see if he’d urinate on his own or not…though […]

First of all, thank you for all of your support today, physically and through prayer during […]

Dear Lord, it’s me, Noah…I’m joining with everyone else who is praying for me…please send a […]

My favorite “kisses” with Noah are nose rubs. I just can’t get enough! Jason and I […]
A smooch sandwich…Here’s Noah enjoying some lovin’ from his Aunties. So, people who know me know […]

Noah had a little acupuncture today from his Uncle Adam, ND. His respirations were above the […]

We’re moving again…We’ll be in room 313, I think, but I’ll let you know for sure…the […]
Thankfulness… This blog cannot contain all for which we are thankful. This computer doesn’t have enough […]

Here’s a mom’s feeble attempt at trying to induce urination…the old junior high slumber party trick […]

Noah has been cathed all day now…tomorrow a urologist will come check him out. I believe […]
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