I thought I’d share some links to a few people that I pray for regularly. I […]
The Blue Streak. The Corkscrew. The Matterhorn. The Wild Cat. Space Mountain. Thunder Mountain. The Wild […]

Jason and Em and I drove to SD last week to see family and friends. Jason […]
Lord, I pray for every person affected by the fires in California. I pray that as […]
I’m crusty. I am very grateful for this outlet. I usually process things with the Lord, […]
Recently God’s been showing me His beauty in trees. I’ve been thinking a lot about the […]
I remember the week before Noah was born cramming to sew his bedding. My dear friend […]
I can barely keep up with my brain. Do you blog in your head WAY more […]
So, as I sit here in 2007 with a computer on my lap, blogging, the obvious […]
So, my girlfriend who makes the most amazing chocolate chip cookies taught me a trick recently. […]
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