I thought I’d share some links to a few people that I pray for regularly. I don’t know any of them and I actually don’t know how I found out about them except through prayer requests from blog readers, but nonetheless, these are people that need prayer and encouragement. I know that it can be overwhelming at times to think of all the prayer needs on this big blue marble, but we aren’t meant to take on all of those burdens. We, as the Body of Christ, are meant to bear one another’s burdens, as a team, not individually. There are a lot of other people I pray for that have blogs for other reasons, but these are a few with physical needs right now. I was wondering if you are reading this and have a few of your regular sites you visit of people you pray for, would you be willing to post them here to share with others?

I don’t personally think that the more people who pray, that’ll get the job done. If that were the case, what was the ‘magic number’ that would have ‘convinced’ God to heal Noah this side of Heaven? This isn’t a game of manipulation. I do, however, believe that prayer works in numerous ways. Prayer isn’t always answered the way we want. Prayer draws us closer to God because it is the Spirit of God who prays when we don’t even know what to pray anymore. In light of that, the more people who pray, the better not because it will turn out as we plan but because it means we are seeking intimacy with the Only True God, and it makes the devil mad.
A girl named Georgie from Australia who has been in a coma for 195 days. http://georginabrooke.blogspot.com/
A little guy named Ethan who was born with leukemia. http://ethanpowell.com/Encrypted.cfm?id=121
Josh Buck, a pastor in GR, MI, who was paralysed January 2006. http://greenhouseministries.org/
A missionary family in Mozambique whose little guy was in the hospital, intubated, without answers as to a diagnosis. http://www.gardnersforgod.org
Paige Stibgen is a 10 year old girl who has cancer. http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/paigestibgen

I know many of you pray for these guys, too, because that is how I learned of them, but would you be willing to post more links for prayer? Last year at Halloween we were praying for Noah. This year the list is just as long:

The Lord’s return
The sifting of His Bride
Softening of hearts
True repentance
Children all over the world
Single parents/Married parents
Prisoners (guilty and not guilty)
Soldiers (and their families and friends)

Seriously, as I ponder how the list is endless, it kind of all boils down to praying for our very own hearts to be changed, one at a time…



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  1. Thank you for these prayer requests/guide. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the number of things there is to pray over. Then I am reminded that it is more about God changing our hearts and me being willing to lay all things at His feet. It turns to a blessing and an exciting adventure. By praying over things I become more aware of all that He is doing. I am praying for you and your family in your journey–as you come to know the new you God is creating. We are never the same after loss. I don’t believe God intends us to be. I believe He uses it to irrevocably change us and everyone around us. I have seen it in my own family. Grace and peace.

  2. Story of a Michigan family on their journey to adopt their second child who is currently hospitalized after being born at 24 weeks gestation.

    Friend from Ohio who had triplets over 1 year ago. Jacobi and Maylee are striving today and Breckin went to be with Jesus shortly after birth.

    Then there is a cousin to the previous family who was in a lawn mowing accident (08/07)s had a leg amputated.


  3. Prayer is powerful! The person(s) that come to my mind don’t have a blog but are suffering greatly due to the loss of their daughter when she was a day old. They now have other children but they are suffering in their grief, which is affecting their marriage and their small children.

  4. My friend Deb (and family) needs prayer, she does not have a blog.
    Her 15 year old son literally burned their house down in May, later this summer to find out that he has Ausbergers Syndrome.
    Deb’s husband (of 12 years), stepfather to her son, has filed for divorce.
    And to top it all off, insurance has sent papers to them saying that they will not pay for the claim on the house.
    This leaves Deb with a pending divorce, an 8 year old who will be split between 2 homes, her son’s soon to be court mandated treatment (at $30,000 a month to be paid by she and her ex), and a mortgage for a home that is no longer habitable.
    She and her husband met with an attorney last week who really feels that he can get the insurance to pay the claim, but it will be a court battle that they need to decide if they want to fight (it could get tied up in court for years).
    Please PRAY!!!!
    Beth in Brighton

  5. These are some of the people I pray for:
    http://ashleyadamsjournal.blogspot.com/ (2 year old triple organ transplant recipient)

    (I pray for Hannahs family, Hannah died in an accdential drowning this summer).

    (Heather has a brain tumor and her daughter is an organ recipient who has other medical issues as well)

    (Kelli is in need of a kidney transplant)

    Julie was diagnosed with a melanoma… the cancer has spread throughout her body.

    I have other people who I lift up in prayer that do not have blogs:
    -My Grandmother (who is not a believer) has cancer in her esophogus (100% blockage) that she will accept God into her life and will be healed from cancer.
    -For my 2nd cousin who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer (throughout her whole body)… she starts chemo this week.. I am praying for a miracle.
    -I also pray for baby Ethan and his parents.
    -And I also keep your family in my prayers.

    I believe that prayer works!!!

  6. Prayers for Caleb Gardner, the son of the Mozambique missionaries can now be prayers of Thanksgiving. Caleb has been released from the hospital and is, in fact, now in the USA. Pictures on the Gardner’s web site which you linked, Adrienne, show the bright eyed little boy who still has a ways to go, but is ever so much better.


  7. I still can get overwhelmed with it all.

    I pray for several already listed, but I also pray for Anna, who is 3 1/2 and has cancer. Thankfully, they are Christians! I’m sure they would covet as many prayers as they can get, but they completely trust that God does know best. Her mom is a friend of my moms, and her 2 kids are about the same age as my 2, and she is expecting a 3rd in a few weeks.


  8. I love (and agree) with your belief in why we pray. It is true that prayer transforms the pray-er.

    I can’t even remember how I stumbled upon Noah’s story, but I have wept over him right there with you, and prayed for your family regularly.

    May God continue to bless you with such beautiful words that are surely touching so many lives.

  9. Adrienne, http://robtoren.blogspot.com/

    Above is the web address of my dear friend’s Dad. He was diagnosed with Lou Gherig’s disease 4 yrs ago. She posts entries for him. He knows the Lord and is always an encouragement to me, as he seeks to live his life with “one foot in heaven’s door,” not one foot in the grave.

    Also, my Aunt Sue died yesterday. We’d appreciate prayer for my Mom (this was her sister and best friend) and for Uncle George –that he would know Christ’s presence in the midst of his sorrow. He’s a brand new believer.

  10. For my boss’s mother – who suffered a hemorragic stroke yesterday. Pray that the swelling to come in the next 42-78 hours is minimal and for comfort for the family.

  11. Thanks for having us list some of the families we pray for. Here is a family in my community that I pray for. They lost their sweet boy just a couple of months ago. Their faith in the Lord is so strong. babyleino.blogspot.com

  12. I pray for several of these same hurting people listed in your post and in the comments here. One of me more recent friends is dealing with her husband’s brain cancer- she is a young {seeking} mom and wife, and really searching for peace and strength for this difficult journey. I keep praying for God to be real in her life. Here is the link to her story…she would love your prayers, Adrienne. I know how much they mean at a time like this.

  13. there are so, so many prayer requests… the list always seems infinite. My heart becomes burdened and I feel overwhelmed and grieved with how many needs exist.

    Please consider posting your prayers as you did for the people in CA. As I read your posts, I pray in agreement with you.

    I, too, have prayer requests – mostly related to health – but often feel my requests to be “insignificant” in the realm of others.

    thank you for blessing so many with your blog.

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