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A Brief History of Em’s Halloween Costumes

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Hindsight is 20/20. 2005, Em’s 3rd birthday party with recycled skirts made from daddy’s pant legs.  Flower hats made from recycled upholstery materials. Apparently I’ve always been a recycle-er.  I was “green” before “green” was even cool. With jewelry I love to take old pieces apart and repurpose them into something fun and modern, which […]


Better Late Than Never?

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Well, I know Halloween and Fall Break were a while ago, but I thought I’d post some pics anyway so you can see the Adventures of Emily and Ryan.  We had an early snow so we pulled all the pumpkins into the front hall.  Ryan played “ball” with these every day until the snow melted. […]


My cutie patooties!

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In the history of my 38 years and 10 months… I have never bought a Halloween costume… …until October 30th, 2010. Emily changed her mind at the last minute of what she wanted to be. I hadn’t technically made her a Halloween costume, per se. Last year in school she did a report on the […]