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The "Golden" Years

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Santa Fe was good for me.  I drove down by myself because Jason was there for a week and I couldn’t get away that long.  At the library with a napless Ryan in tow,  I randomly chose Billy Graham’s book on CD, “Nearing Home”, “Heaven is for Real” by Burpo, and some Spanish lessons.  (*We’re […]

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Around the World…

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…in who knows how many days? Em and I read a book during homeschool last year about a man in his hot air balloon who raced around the world, a race against the clock.  He wanted to beat a record. What if there were no time frame? What if the point was just to see […]


I’m sorry.

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I am not sorry for exercising my First Amendment Right, but I want to apologize to anyone who might read this blog. This blog was started as a means to update on Noah’s health, or lack thereof. Then, God showed me that we weren’t the only people on earth to experience tragedy and loss, so […]