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Thoughts on Dying and Living

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As I sat across my davenport from a friend, a fellow bereaved mum, I listened to her heart and shared her tears as she told the stories of losing 3 of her grown children.  I will not share her story because it is hers to share… One thing we talked about, though, was the “How?” […]

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My opinion…not yours…(raw guts post!)

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Recently I was interviewed for our local newspaper. The reporter and I talked for probably an hour and a half. After 15 minutes, however, his recorder died…he was obviously a good listener, though, because he was able to deliver the gist of the story. At some point during the interview I was sharing how generous […]

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I had a dream!

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Oh, I wish you could have been in my dream! This is only the second dream I have had about Noah since he died. I think dreams are so fascinating! I’ll share this because I want to have it written down somewhere, and why not here where other people who have loved Noah can enjoy […]