Yesterday I woke up sure I was dying of colon cancer. I actually had all the […]
Setting:  Suburbia, one of the best towns to live in USA, kitchen/nook/great room, 36 animal flash […]
Here.  Go ahead.  Laugh.  Some day you may grow unwanted hair…it could happen!
(Photo: What’s Cooking in America) After dinner Em was searching the freezer for the stash of […]
I should not have gone out in public today. I mean, I haven’t been out in […]
One: Jason is in Bolivia with Compassion International. No, he is not a Compassion blogger, he […]
Nacho: What about the orphans?Steven: I hate them!Nacho: What’s that you said?Steven: I hate orphans!Nacho: Come […]
No sunsets this week…of course there ARE sunsets this week, but Em and I decided to […]
A quote I want to remember…After seeing the size of the envelope holding Emily’s birthday card […]
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