No sunsets this week…of course there ARE sunsets this week, but Em and I decided to join Jason on a business trip in Dallas and where we are staying (my dear friend’s house) I can’t witness the sunsets. I’m not taking in sunsets this week, but I am spending the week with people I love who also are grieving…their husband/dad/grandpa/friend. We are making memories together and remembering. So, please stop and take the time to be in awe of God’s artwork each night…Yes, He paints them for His own pleasure, but He lets the world in on each masterpiece, so sit back and enjoy.

Another thing I want to remember: While Em and I were visiting a friend of mine who is in college and recently moved into her own place, Em saw some of her sorority treasures. One was a shot glass from a sorority event and Em said, “Mom, look how cute this glass is. It’s the perfect size. What is it for?”

Me: “Oh yeah, that’s just the right size for a sip. It’s just a cup for small tastes, like water, milk, wine, or beer. It’s small so that people don’t drink too much alcohol and become drunk, because God said not to get drunk.”

Em: “May I have a drink of water?”

Me: “Of course. Here you go.”

For those who don’t think I should even discuss shot glasses with my daughter…well, they are real and one day she won’t be attached to my hip, so as opportunity arises, if I don’t teach her as they come and as she asks, she’ll learn it from peers, and the last time I looked, peers don’t teach that shot glasses are just for sips!


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  1. I think it’s great your being real with Emily. It is so important that she get all of her first impressions of things from the people she trusts the most and who won’t lead her astray.

  2. I saw a the most beautiful sunset last night here in Houston and thought of ya’ll. You always use each moment with Em as a teaching opportunity. AWESOME!

  3. You are a wise women. Keep teaching your daughter!I continue to pray for you and your family. Love because of Christ, Carol

  4. Emily is smart enough to take it all in so she is smart enough to learn about this! I’m a teacher and these are what we call teachable moments…you weren’t planning on explaining shot glasses today, but darn it, it came up and needs an explanation!

  5. I think its great that you were open and honest with your daughter about the shot glasses. Too many would like to hide it and pretend they don’t exist.

    I’d much rather be the parent that can guide my children through the real world, than foist them unsuspecting into an unknown world.

  6. Your Emily is like my Hunter….they just get it. I admire your parenting style and couldn’t agree more about not passing up an opportunity to teach an important lesson.

  7. Teachable moments…yes, I too believe wholeheartedly in those, for if we continually gloss over the moments that are God-led, when children are really listening, we may not be there to answer their questions when they are knee-deep in a situation, and they may get the wrong information from a peer…bravo for you!

    I have followed your family and dear Noah for many, many months…left a few comments for prayer here and there, but I think of you guys every day…especially when I hear a U2 song.

    We live in Dallas…I did not catch the sunset last evening, but the moon was the neatest little crescent. I noticed it while leaving the gym and when I arrived home, my little girl (who was up later than she should have been!) said, “Oh mommy, did you see the moon?!?” She was lying on the couch in the family room looking out the window and noticing that same moon I had taken notice of!

    I am so grateful that I have shared what I view as awe-inspiring moments of nature with daughter from the moment she was born. I have always pointed out the majesty of sunsets, the moon in all its different shapes, the wind through the leaves, the smell of rain, etc. – all the wonders of God in our human world, and now at the ripe old age of 6 years old, she is noticing them on her own!

    Blessings Ade! If ever I happen to run into you and Em somewhere in Dallas, don’t be too surprised if I run up and hug you both!

  8. Hello Kingdom People! I am Betty, Adrienne’s mom. My husband, Bob, & I returned from our missionary journey on Sat. AM. We spent the first 11 days in Nadi, Fiji, and the last 5 days at the Youth With a Mission(YWAM) base, which is also The Univ. of the Nations. Ohhh….if only you can all go on some kind of a mission someday, whether in the US or abroad….to know you’ve heard from God about going and to sense His presence in reality….because He said to go into all the nations and make DISCIPLES of all people. That is what God is beginning in Fiji…and many other places, too.

    He has been putting things on our hearts for the past 15-20 years that are the same things He has been putting on the hearts of Fijian intercessors. God took us to the “ends of the earth” to confirm to us that we were really hearing from Him. “Who is man that You are so mindful of him, Lord.”

    Thanks for your prayers and may the deepest desires, which God has placed in your hearts, come soon! Come Lord Jesus! Love, Mom

  9. Thanks for this, Adrienne’s mom! 🙂 I was just writing to my brother a minute ago those same words, “Come, Lord Jesus!” I’m ready to go Home.

    So glad that you had a blessed trip. The Lord has given me opportunity to do missions in Thailand, Belarus, the US, Kenya and Sudan. It’s really neat to see Him using His people all around the globe to bring people to Himself! He is amazing!!! ~Jodie R

  10. Emily is so cute! I agree with your type of parenting. I think if we don’t make a big deal out of things they won’t either. If we teach them about drinking, drugs and so forth as the questions come, its much better they hear it from us and not their friends. No matter what the age. The earlier you start, there is just that much more time to teach them over and over the dangers of these things!

  11. Adrienne,
    Great job on the explanation. I do truly believe we as parents need to be the ones to explain those things to our children. Because do we really want our children to learn them from society?? Heavens no! I know my little angel starts kindergarten this year and I am very nervous about everything she is goig to learn. But we are raising her in a godly centered based home and we can only do it with the Lord’s help! Thanks for always sharing your life and heart.

  12. I think being real with our kids is essential. Too often Christians have this either/or mentality that can contain NO grey areas. Well, there are grey areas in life…not in the faith, but in life. We have to teach them what to do with the grey areas…and you did great Mom!

    I love to watch sunsets at the coast. It is the most gorgeous thing ever.

  13. I just wanted to applaud you for teaching your daughter about these things. A lot of parents shy away from these subjects for whatever reason. And then the lesson is never taught! I strive to be the kind of mother who teaches the lessons as they arise as well. Thank you for being a reminder to do just that!

  14. Hi Adrienne I am an avid reader of your blog and have written before and just think your family is so inspirational it blows me away. Anyway I was on another site of a mother who lost her premature baby after about a week and she had a poem listed that made me think of you it was so beautiful it is called “What Makes a Mother” if you have a chance to look it up and read it thought it may be something you would like.

  15. Hello, I am sorry to put a comment but I am extremely touched by your history and I made a point of giving my support to you. A small thought for so nice Emily.

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