Our third child didn’t get a baby shower.  Not because historically it’s improper in the book […]
Jason and I took Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University”class recently.  All I can say is literally […]
You know, I was never a fan of funerals and potato salad or dying people or […]
On August 28th, our son Ryan turned 2 years old. Dad was out of town so […]
…in who knows how many days? Em and I read a book during homeschool last year […]
Remember this? It’s been a while.  I wouldn’t expect you to, but I sure do.  One […]
It’s not something you ever really get used to.  Specifically I mean, saying “Goodbye” for good.  […]
These pictures were taken by Sara Lazio when Ryan was about 3 weeks old. He’s already […]
So, Em and Jason and I went in on Tuesday for our uber-ultra ultrasound. They check […]
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