children of God


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God’s been having me write out some scriptures for myself to study and really chew on, if you will.   For me, writing it down, or typing it, helps get it into my heart more and more.   He’s really put it on my heart to be an intentional pupil of His Word, like basically […]

bereaved parents

Thoughts on Dying and Living

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As I sat across my davenport from a friend, a fellow bereaved mum, I listened to her heart and shared her tears as she told the stories of losing 3 of her grown children.  I will not share her story because it is hers to share… One thing we talked about, though, was the “How?” […]

abundant life


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Have you ever sat through a movie trailer that intrigued you enough to want to go see it?  If you answered, “yes,” that’s the point.  It’s meant to draw you in so you can learn the whole story. And then the feature film starts rolling.  The lights are dimmed, you have your goodies in hand, […]

dumb things people say


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Here’s a video my mom just sent me… Will our generation forget those who have lived before us?  Those that worked so diligently and made our cushy lives possible?  The ones that no matter how crotchety they may seem on the outside, endured more in their lives than we can even fathom?  The part of […]


"To Infinity and Beyond!"

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“To the Bat Mobile!” – Batman “There’s no need to fear, Under Dog is here!” – Underdog “Up, up and away!” – Superman “Avengers assemble!” – Captain America “Wonder Twin powers, activate! Form of an iceberg!” – Wonder Twins So, I was reading through a book on leadership the other day and found this awesome […]