They say the 7th year is the year of Jubilee.  A year where debts are cancelled […]
It’s important for you to know I don’t always hate myself. It’s important because it is […]
So, last fall I was really humbled to be part of an intimate retreat weekend in […]
Yesterday I woke up sure I was dying of colon cancer. I actually had all the […]
This is a note to myself and to every. single. stay. at. home. mom. or. person. […]
When I think of turtles, images from Eric Carle’s books come to mind since I have […]
Was it Venezuela?  Maybe Siberia?  It could have been St. Petersburg, Russia. I don’t remember now. […]
We need to start a “Loveolution.”  Actually, we need to carry out what was already started […]
Today, Em and Ry and I were walking through Walmart.  As we stopped to honk the […]
I just got back from Austin, Texas, where I took part in a girls weekend.  Two […]
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